Monday, August 3, 2015

Countdown to Come Undone...

It's almost here!

I'm talking about release day for Come Undone, the box set featuring nine romance stories inspired by the music of Duran Duran. 

It seems like forever since my friend Louisa Bacio posted on Facebook that it would be fun to write stories based on the band's song titles. Of course, I put my hand up right away and claimed Rio. I mean, how could I not? My heroines are Latina, plus it's one of Duran Duran's biggest hits.

It wasn't until a few months later that authors Kim Carmichael and Solera Winters teamed up with Irksome Rebel Press and pulled the trigger to get the project moving. 

Before I even started writing, I watched the video several times and memorized lyrics. It had been several years since I'd seen the video so there were a lot of scenes I had completely forgot about. Plus, it turns out the lyrics are kind of all over the place! LOL. I found an article online that claims the song is actually two different songs put together after one of the original band members left. No wonder!

Eventually I found my inspiration and came up with a story of an overworked CFO forced to spend a vacation in paradise with a celebrity dancer from his past. 

Want to know more? I'll post an excerpt on Friday and also offer a special giveaway. In the meantime, Come Undone is available for pre-order on Amazon at only 99 cents!

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