Friday, October 31, 2014

Recapturing my Halloween spirit

I love Halloween.

It's not just about the costumes or the candy or the scary movies. I love it all. And when I became a mom, I loved it even more. I made sure to take the day off from work so I could attend school costume parades and packed the evening with activities like carving pumpkins and baking cookies to decorate.

But now that I've got two teenagers at home, my Halloween spirit hasn't been as strong as it used to be. Which is sad because I still have a 7-year-old who loves this holiday as much as I did when I was her age. 

I'm not sure what it was about this year but October 1st came and went and my usual excitement about the upcoming Halloween season was nowhere to be found. Days and weeks crept by and I continued to put Halloween out of my mind. My little one had to beg me at least two weekends in a row to drag out the decorations from the garage and buy her a costume from Amazon so it would be delivered on time. 

I knew Halloween was quickly approaching, and yet I didn't seem to care.

Then earlier this week, it finally hit me. Even though a part of me was sad that the older ones didn't want to trick or treat or carve pumpkins or even dress up, my little girl still did and it wasn't fair that I wasn't doing everything I had done for the other ones to make Halloween special. So I kicked it into high gear and bought candy and snacks so we could make treat bags for her classmates, I bought cookies and stuff to decorate them with and yesterday I finally brought home a pumpkin.

Tonight we'll go trick or treating, just the two of us, and I'll make sure Halloween is everything she wants it to be. 

My Halloween spirit is definitely back. And I'm even wearing the perfect costume to prove it!


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