Monday, October 13, 2014

My first self-publishing experience

Back in January, one of my very good author friends asked me what my writing goals were for 2014. I hadn't really thought about it at the point but as we continued talking, it turned out I had 3:

1) Finish my current WIP and submit it.
2) Finish my other WIP and submit it.
3) Self publish something.

As of this weekend, I'm happy to share that I've already completed 2 of my 3 goals!

Over the summer, I finished that first WIP and submitted it and was offered a 3-book contract by Entangled Publishing! And on Sunday, I put up a novella for sale on Amazon.

The novella is a story that was previously published in 2013 in an anthology by Hot Ink Press. Since I retained the rights, it was always in the back of my head that I would re-release it somehow. After all, it was a ready-to-go story that only needed a new cover. I'd done a lot of research about self-publishing over the past few months by reading various blogs and websites and I've heard from other authors about their own experiences. Again, I knew I would do it some day. Just didn't really know when.

Then the other day, it hit me: It's October! It's the perfect month to promote a vampire/reincarnation story!

So I pulled out my story and went to work on getting it ready for publication. I took the most simplest of paths to achieve this. I formatted the book in Word and used Amazon's KDP service, which included a cover creator. In less than 12 hours after submitting, my book was available for sale!

It will be interesting to see how this experience with self-publishing turns out. Either way, I already know I'll do it again.

My Guardian Vampire

What happens to your soul mate when you no longer have a soul? 

For centuries, Diego de la Cotera searched for the love of his life, or rather, for her reincarnated soul. The desperate vampire guarded over her descendants generation after generation waiting in the shadows for the day his beloved would find her way back to this life and back to him. 

On her 25th birthday, Mila Solis will get everything she’s ever wanted. But first she must spend three days with the executor of her late parents’ estate. At first, all she can think of is just surviving the long weekend. But when she begins to feel drawn to the man who used to be her legal guardian, suddenly the money isn’t the only thing she’s wanting by Monday. 

Will three days be enough for Diego to convince Mila that even though they both died a long time ago, their love can still survive? Or will she discover what he really is and walk away from him forever? 

Author's note: This novella was previously published in the Sinsperationally Yours anthology from Hot Ink Press.

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