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My romance stories feature strong, smart and successful Latinas in search of their Happily Ever Afters. But while my characters may be make-believe, the women I'll introduce you to in this new column are definitely real.

These Real Life Latina Heroines are the authors of their own success stories. They are inspirational role models who are committed to making a difference and making an impact in their community, culture and career field. 

Elizabeth Colina

Who is she?
Elizabeth Colina is the creative director and co-founder of Razz Interactive, an innovation-focused, technology and social media marketing company. She leads all things creative and design when it comes to creating visual identities for brands, online campaigns, custom apps and large-scale web and mobile development projects. Clients include Universal Music, Corona, Dunkin Donuts, Pepsi, AT&T and Wood Partners, among many others.

Elizabeth and her husband Sebastian recently moved back to their hometown of Miami after having lived in Los Angeles for five years.

On her career path…
“The drive to start Razz came from our previous design, web and print company which we ran in Miami, while in college. With our ever-growing client list we decided to expand our business and partnered up with an equally talented husband and wife duo and created Razz (Razz started in LA and is currently based in both Miami and LA.)

Prior to Razz, I spearheaded the drafting department and helped revamp the engineering/product development department at The Sliding Door Company in Los Angeles, Calif. – an internationally known manufacturer of high end interior doors. Prior to moving to LA, I worked as an architect project manager and design associate. I graduated from FIU in 2008 with a degree in Architecture.”

On her inspiration and passion…
“My inspiration comes from two major people in my life: my mother and my husband. With their constant love and support, they have shown me and instilled in me that there is more to life than what is currently in front of you. Therefore, it helps me maintain that drive and inspiration that continues to push my limits and not give up on my goals and dreams.

My passion is all things design. From architecture, graphic and web design, animation to illustrations – I love it all! I feel they all share a common connection that can be found and used to inspire one another.”

On being a Latina…
“I’m proud to be a Latina because of all the love, passion and rich culture that comes from being Cuban. Despite all the pain and struggle that Cubans have gone through, we’ve still managed to thrive and keep our reputation for being a hard working, passionate race that has made Miami their own. It shows that no matter where life takes you, you can still make a new home just as good as the last (if not better) and not lose who you are or where you came from.”

What keeps her awake at night?
My eye for finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Once that switch is turned on, it’s hard to turn it off. Some of my most successful designs have been created at three or four in the morning while everyone is asleep. When you have a good idea and you feel inspired, you just can't let it go.”

On the idea of Happily Ever After…
“Succeeding in creating a reputation that my children and future generations will be proud of and inspired by through my passion and dedication.”

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