Friday, August 1, 2014

What I read this summer...and loved!

My kids go back to school next week. Crazy, right?

So that means my summer is technically over. It was a good summer overall, especially since we were able to spend some time in Chicago with my sister and her family. As I was thinking about other things I did over the summer it dawned on me that I actually read some books!

I've done a summer reading list before, so I figured I was due for another one. Here are my favorite reads from the past three months and I've also included what I loved best about them...

A Duel With Death - Louisa Bacio
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I actually had the chance to be a Beta Reader on this one. When it was officially published a few weeks ago, I decided to read it again! It's the third of Louisa's 1Night Stand series of novellas for Decadent Publishing. I loved this one for many reasons -- great romance, hot sex scenes and a paranormal twist. Plus there's a Latina heroine! All in all, this was a definite page turner. I highly recommend!

The Best Man's Baby - Victoria James
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This book has the best scene ever involving a pregnancy test stick. I read this on the flight to Chicago and laughed so loud that one of my fellow airplane passengers looked up from his laptop and gave me a look. Ha!

Veggies Not Included - Christine Leo
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Christine is a fellow member of OCC RWA -- my local author group. During one meeting, she received recognition for self-publishing this book and the background behind why she wrote it peaked my interest. It's a memoir of her unconventional journey to losing 130 pounds. It's a fascinating read, especially if you've ever battled with weight loss yourself. I applaud Christine for sharing her story.

Baiting the Maid of Honor - Tessa Bailey
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Tessa Bailey has earned a reputation for writing some sexy, dirty-talking heroes. She just has a way with words -- or rather her characters do! It makes for a fun read and I've definitely become a fan.

FAT - Saranna DeWylde
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Saranna was a guest speaker at an OCC RWA meeting and that's where I learned about this book. It's the first in her "Labels" series and is about exactly what the title says. I thought Claire Howard, the book's plus size heroine, was awesome. I wanted to be her friend, buy her clothes and just hang out. I don't know what else to say except that I loved this book. A lot.

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  1. You are too sweet! Thank you for the pre-read, and for coming back for more!