Friday, June 27, 2014

When The End is really just the beginning

The End.

Every writer loves typing those two words. They mean you've accomplished something, that you've actually, finally finished writing your book.

It's a good feeling.

I know, because I just did it!

I'm proud to share that I finally finished writing a book I started writing fourteen months ago. Now, I wasn't working on it all that time. In fact, I probably wrote 80% of it in just the first two months. Then life happened and I stopped and didn't start back up again until about six weeks ago.

So now it's finished. Phew.

But, hold on! Just because I've typed The End doesn't mean I'm done with the book just yet. I'm editing and rewriting and editing some more. When that's done, then I submit it to the specific publisher I'm hoping will accept it.

The journey of sharing this story with all of you has only just begun.

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