Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 - My Year of Living More

It’s January 3 and how many resolutions have you kept? Or maybe you’re like me and needed a few days to make a list of things you know you SHOULD do but aren’t quite sure how to go about doing them?

I could’ve gone with the standards – eat healthier, lose weight, quit gossiping, yada, yada, yada. Or I could’ve just kept my mouth shut and not commit to doing anything different in 2014.

But I know I NEED to make some changes in my life. And what better day to start than on January 3?

So here are my resolutions for this year. You’ll notice that 2014 – for me – is not going to be about quitting anything or doing anything less. Nope. This is the year I’ve decided to do MORE of certain things. Why? Because I think I could’ve been more proactive in 2013. There were some exceptions, but for the most part I kind of just let things happen to me. So, this year, I’m going to make things happen for me.

And this is how. In 2014, I’m going to:
WRITE more: I had one book published in 2012 and one short story published in 2013. I don’t want one thing published in 2014 – I want MANY things published. And to do that I need to write more. It’s that simple.
SUBMIT more: Of course if I’m writing more, the hope is that I’ll submit more as well. But I’ve learned that just because I write something doesn’t always mean I’m going to submit it. I’m ashamed to admit that I passed on a chance last year to submit to a major publisher because I didn’t finish the manuscript in time after it was requested by an editor. The editor ended up leaving the publisher and an amazing opportunity slipped through my fingertips. It is my biggest regret of 2013. I also have another book I’m revising that’s been sitting on my flash drive for 2 years. I have another almost-completed novel that needs heavy revisions that’s also been secretly stashed away for a few years. It’s time to finish these and submit them once and for all.

LEARN more: I’m fortunate that my local chapter of RWA is one of the biggest and most active in the country. Every month I have the opportunity to listen to great speakers on the craft of writing and publishing at our regular OCCRWA meetings. But it’s been awhile since I signed up for any online classes or workshops so I plan to try out a few this coming year. It can only help.
CONNECT more: I know this sounds weird, but I’m not sure how else to say it. Basically, I want to get involved in more blog hops and giveaways and connect more with readers and other authors via social media. I can’t do this writing/publishing thing alone. Or more importantly, I don’t WANT to do this alone.

TRAVEL more: Besides attending conferences when I can, 2014 will hopefully be the year I finally visit New York. It’s on my bucket list and we’re hoping to make it out there in the summer for a family vacation. I’m also planning to just “visit” more by traveling to see family and friends who are local. Although I cherish those Saturdays when I don’t have to leave my couch, I don’t want to miss out on a chance to strengthen a relationship or friendship by seeing loved ones more often.

PARENT more: This is a hard one to put out there. It’s not that I’m NOT being a parent now. It’s just that I know I can always be a better one. That’s why I’m going to make an effort to spend more quality time with my kids. I have 2 teenagers and it’s too easy for me to let them hide out in their rooms doing their own thing when I need to write or work or catch up on my DVR shows. But I also have a 6-year-old and she lets me know loud and clear when she wants my attention. So more family daytrips, more family movie nights, more family walks around the block and more “so tell me about your day” conversations will be happening this year.

CARE more: This is a two-parter. First, I’m going to care more about me. That means taking care of my body and spirit by doing more things to keep me healthy and sane. Second, I’m going to care more about others. This means helping those in need or less fortunate than me. Whether it’s donating money or time or something else, I know I can always do more. We all can.

LAUGH more: This is probably something we all should do, right? Life is serious enough. Let’s all take a deep breath and share more funny pics from
LIVE more: Period. Exclamation Point.

Happy 2014!

What would you like to do more of in 2014? I'd love to hear your hopes and resolutions for this new year...

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