Friday, August 31, 2012

My Friday Fiction -- The Key

Elsie fingered the small brass key. It was smooth and cool.

Cool. She had almost forgotten what that felt like.
She clutched it in her hand as she walked barefooted across the warm pavement. Within a few seconds, she arrived at the gates of paradise and used the key to open them for her.

“Lovely,” she whispered in the dark.
The pool of her apartment complex sprawled out before her like a beautiful oasis. Although she was far from the desert, the temperature had reached a whopping 104 degrees that afternoon turning her Los Angeles suburb into an asphalt Mojave. She had come to the pool in the middle of the night – way past the 10 p.m. curfew for tenants – seeking relief from her oven-like studio apartment and its broken-down AC wall unit.

She dipped a toe into the temperature-controlled water near the shallow end. It was brisk and sent goose bumps up her leg. Elsie kissed the key that appeared mysteriously at her front door only 30 minutes before. Then she stuffed it into the pocket of her denim cutoff shorts and proceeded to strip naked.
Elsie knew the high brick wall afforded her some privacy for her midnight skinny dipping adventure. Besides, even a bikini was too much clothing on this sweltering summer’s eve.

Step by step, she gingerly entered heaven on earth. When the water touched the under curve of her bare ass, she closed her eyes, took a breath and dove in.
“Son of a bitch!” she hollered as soon as she broke through the surface.

“Are you trying to wake up the neighbors?”
The deep familiar voice sent even more shivers down her back. Slowly she turned her body to face her one-man audience.

Ricardo, wearing only red swim trunks, stood just a few inches away from the edge of the pool.
“Something tells me you’re not here to bust me,” she said with a nervous laugh, wondering in her head how much he could see below the water.

He smiled that smile that had been melting her insides for the past six months – hot weather or not.
“You gave me the key, didn’t you?” Of course he did.

She knew it as soon as she had pulled it out of the unaddressed white envelope. She had discovered it on her welcome mat after a slight knock on her front door. As building manager, he was only one of two people who had keys to the pool. And tight-ass Mr. Kaplan, president of the Tenants’ Association, wasn’t exactly Elsie’s biggest fan after he caught her “illegally” cat sitting for a friend a few weeks ago.

Roberto never answered her question. Instead, he walked closer to the edge and jumped right in.
“Madre de dios!” he sputtered a few seconds later.

“Are you trying to wake the neighbors?” Elsie asked as he swam toward her. His arms were tight and cut through the water like butter. His form was perfect and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.
He stopped just a few inches from her and stood up. She tried not to stare at the beads of water sliding down his broad shoulders onto his sculpted, bronze chest. Then she remembered her own body – or rather the nakedness of it – and slunk down lower until her chin hit just above the water.

“I wasn’t exactly expecting you,” she told him after he raised an eyebrow.
“Who were you expecting then?” He laughed before disappearing underneath. Elsie took a few steps backward – half-afraid, half-excited – that he might grab her. Instead he splashed and dipped for a bit before coming back up wearing nothing but that amazing smile.

He tossed his trunks onto the cement and turned back to look at her. The smile disappeared and his dark eyes narrowed. “Now, we are the same. Come here Elsie.”
She nodded and swam back to him. He reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her hard against his chest. Her eyes widened as their bodies touched skin to skin. Her nipples hardened and she knew it had nothing to do with the cool breeze that began to rustle through the trees.

He lowered his head and she licked her lips in anticipation. With a groan, he kissed her at last. A surge of desire rocketed throughout her trembling body. They grabbed each other frantically – above and below the water. Each of them desperate to quell the hunger that had been building over the past few months.
Eventually, their fire simmered and the kisses became slow and sensual. When Roberto started to move his lips down her neck, Elsie sighed in pleasure.

“Suddenly, I’m kind of glad that part for my AC unit isn’t coming until next week,” she whispered in his ear.
Roberto looked up, leaned his forehead against hers and grinned.

“It arrived yesterday.”
It took a second to register what he had said. Elsie smiled a smile almost as big as his and threw her arms around his neck.

“Like I said, I’m glad that part for my AC unit isn’t coming until next week.”

Then she pulled him down under the water with her.
**This original story is copyrighted by the author **


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