Monday, July 9, 2012

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… Remember a few months ago I mentioned a little book called “The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst? Well it turns out this little book isn’t so little anymore. To date it has reached No. 9 on the New York Times combined e-book and print list and has sold nearly half a million copies. Not only that, but this book might just turn into a movie! Check out the article from “Variety” here:
Congrats to Jennifer Probst and Entangled Publishing!

… Although summer is halfway over (my kids start school next month!), I’m adding a new book to my official Summer Reading List (see my post on 6/9/12 ). It’s LUSTED IN LAS VEGAS by Sandra Bunino. This is a sequel to MAROONED IN MIAMI, which I did not read first. But I don’t think it affected the story at all, in fact, it just made me want to hurry up and download MAROONED to my Kindle the next day. It’s an ultimate romance fantasy and a perfect beach or road trip read. The heat level is a definite 4 Besos! For more about this book, here is my review from Goodreads:


…So, I’ve got a little secret I’m carrying around. And no, in case any of my tias are reading this, it’s not THAT. Whenever anyone in my family says they have “news,” it usually means they or their girlfriends/wives are pregnant. That’s because my relatives seem to pop out babies every year and – I kid you not – they usually come in packs of three. Right now I have FOUR cousins who are all pregnant and THREE of them are sisters! So, of course, everyone is speculating on who the next two lucky ladies will be.
Well, it’s not me. My secret has nothing to do with babies.
When I can spill the frijoles, you’ll be the first to know! ;-)


…Speaking of babies, I have five of them. Well, three are my kids and two are my Beagle puppies. They’re really not puppies anymore, they’re both over a year old, but because they’re still on the small side I still call them pups. The oldest one is Daisy. She’s the well-behaved, calm and obedient one. Then there’s her younger sister Lily. Here's a photo taken when they were still babies:

Daisy will play fetch with you, sit next your feet while you watch TV and carefully slurp a treat from your hand. Lily likes to play fetch too, she just won’t bring back whatever you throw because she’d rather destroy or eat it. Lily will lay next to your feet too, but only after having been chased by the kids around the house because they’ve been trying to get her into her kennel for the past 20 minutes or so. And watch your fingers around Lily – she’s not at least 10 pounds heavier than Daisy because she’s a picky eater.
Which brings me to this point: Lily is bigger because she hates to exercise. Simply hates it. We’ve tried all different kinds of leashes and we still can’t get her to walk more than the distance of about five houses. When she’s had enough, she plops on the ground and rolls around. It’s like she knows she’s heavy and is daring us to pick her up.

Part of me feels her pain. I, too, hate the “E” word. And I guess I’d lie on the ground too after walking a block or two if I didn’t think the neighbors would see.
So anyone have any tips for a getting a lazy a$$ to walk more? Would any of those tricks also help Lily?

Have a great week!

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