Monday, May 7, 2012

News, Chisme and Chit...Chat - May 7


…Went to the movies this weekend (see below) and saw a preview of the new Bradley Cooper movie “The Words.” The sexy “Hangover” star plays an author who plagiarizes a forgotten manuscript and after it becomes a best seller he has to deal with the consequences of his actions. I had never heard of this movie and now I know why! I could find very little about it on the Internet – not even a preview. Well, there’s one on YouTube for something called “The Words” but it doesn’t look at all like the movie from the preview I saw. So if you want to learn a little more about this movie, you can read this article I found from The Hollywood Reporter from earlier this year:

…Still reading that memoir but I couldn’t resist taking a break to read something else. It was free so that was a double bonus! LOVE ME is an erotic romance by Bella Andre.  It tells the story of Janica Ellis who is in lust/love with her brother-in-law Luke. He’s a workaholic and brooding ER surgeon who shows up on Janica’s door one night looking for a no-strings affair. Instead, Janica tries to prove to him that they can be more. The heat level is pretty high (LOTS of sex scenes) for a short book.  I have to admit that it took me awhile to care about the characters but halfway through I was rooting for their happy ending. This is my first book from this author and apparently the second in a series. I liked it enough that I’ll get the first book called TAKE ME which is about the romance between Janica’s sister and Luke’s brother.
So if you’re looking for a quick, steamy read then this is good option. Heat level is 5 Besos. Plus it’s still free on Amazon for the Kindle!:


…May is here and that means it’s finale season on TV. I’m looking forward to the cliffhangers for ONCE UPON A TIME, MISSING and CASTLE. I’ll also tune in for season enders of GLEE and NEW GIRL. I’m still on the fence though about catching the series finale of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. This season was WAY too desperate for me. I stopped watching after about four or five episodes. It’s been downhill ever since ALL of the main characters are dragged into a murder conspiracy. So we’ll see if I actually remember to TiVo the episode Sunday or if I decide to just a read a recap the next day. Does it deserve 40 plus minutes of my life or 3? I’ll let you know next Monday.
…Actress AnnaLynne McCord is the latest celebrity to go “au natural” in front of a camera. She posted a picture of herself without makeup on Twitter.

So I just have to ask what’s up with this trend? McCord said she did it because she’s “over” Hollywood’s requirement for perfection? Does that mean she’s not going to audition anymore for parts in Hollywood? Does it mean that if she does, then will she show up to those auditions WITHOUT her hair done and lipstick applied? I guess it was brave in some way to do this. But I’d like to know how far McCord and other celebrities are willing to go to show people that they’re comfortable enough in their own skin to continue going without make-up.

What do you think of this “au natural” trend?


…I had such a great family weekend. Spent most of Saturday with my husband and went shopping, to the movies and out to dinner. We saw “The Five-Year Engagement” and I was pleasantly surprised. He actually suggested it and it was so much funnier and sweeter than I thought it would be. It’s so much more than a RomCom because the humor is a tad raunchy. But the love story itself made me laugh and cry. I highly recommend.
On Sunday, the kids were back and we took them to see “The Avengers.” Also a great movie – very fun and full of action.  We went to the early show and luckily bought our tickets online. The theater was packed even at 10:30 in the morning. The kids enjoyed it and it was nice to be all together again.  

I didn’t get any work done – either for my “real” job or on my WIP.

Usually, when that happens I feel like I wasted my weekend. But not this time, because a “NO WORKING” weekend was exactly the type of weekend my family and I needed.
Have a great week!

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