Monday, April 23, 2012

News, Chisme & Chit...Chat - April 23


… Prom Fever has hit!  And just in time is the release of Lisa Burstein’s PRETTY AMY. This YA novel about a prom gone horribly wrong is already getting fantastic reviews. And it’s on my To Read list.

 It seems like everyone has some type of Prom horror story to tell. But do you really want to be the girl whose mom took out a bulletin board to campaign for votes to make you prom queen AND then you don’t even get nominated? Me either. Here’s the link to the story.

…This week’s book recommendation is RULES OF NEGOTIATION by Inara Scott. It’s another sexy romance (hey, I read what I want to write..although next week’s pick will be a memoir). I liked this book because I’m all about the “secret/ulterior motive” plot that brings two characters together only to break them apart once it’s revealed. In RULES, lawyer Tori Anderson is suspicious when handsome CEO Brit Bencher starts flirting with her. She eventually figures out the reason behind Brit’s interest but not before Brit has already started to really feel something for her. The story is fast paced and the characters keep you interested from beginning to end. Heat level is 3 Besos.


…OK, what the hell happened to Perez Hilton? He recently unveiled a new tan and toned body at a red carpet event. He says it did it naturally, just by working out and eating right. Some are calling him a mentiroso -- that there’s no way he could get that kind of six pack without some kind of abdominal sculpting or lipo surgery. He should be proud of his new look – I’m sure he had to work hard to get it, surgery or not. So good for him. But next time he’s interviewed over the radio, it will be hard to imagine THAT voice coming out of THAT body. See for yourself:


…Still plugging along on my WIP thanks to the Savvy Authors boot camp. But I realized there is only about a week left until boot camp ends! I had hoped to finish my WIP by the end of the month but now I’m not so sure. It probably doesn’t help that I signed up for two more Savvy Authors’ workshops this week. I seriously need three of me.

…I also only have a few more weeks to “train” for my first ever Mud Run. By train I mean I’m watching my calories and trying to amp up my exercise routine.  To help in this effort I downloaded the LOSE IT app for my iPhone. I love it! It’s very easy to use even if I don’t always like the number of calories it tells me I have left to eat toward the end of the day. But I’m using it and hopefully I’ll be down a few pounds when I step into that mud. My goal is not to finish the run in a competitive time. My goal is to finish. Period.
Oh and not cry.

Have a great week!


  1. Great post! Best wishes on finishing your WiP and training for a mud run - sounds hardcore :) I am interested in the Prom stories, it should be fun to read. :)