Monday, April 9, 2012

News, Chisme and Chit...Chat - April 9


…Just had to share this great story coming out of the Sacramento area. The local libraries have something there called a “Read Away Your Fines” program. Basically, they give people a $1 credit for every 15 minutes of reading. The goal of the program is to help kids pay off their overdue fines by encouraging them to read. What a “novel” idea!

…Speaking of reading, I have TWO recommendations for this week! Both are a “marriage of convenience” storyline, but they each have their own unique spin.
The first is “Wife by Wednesday” by Catherine Bybee. I read this several weeks ago and I have to tell you I could NOT put it down. And the two main reasons why I loved the story so much were the main characters. There were both smartly written, endearing and I rooted for them until the end. So I suggest picking this up soon since I heard she’s currently working on “Married by Monday” – the second book in her Weekday Bride series.

The second is “The Marriage Bargain” by Jennifer Probst. While “Wife by Wednesday” is about two strangers entering into a marriage of convenience, Probst’s tale focuses on two people who grew up together but then lost touch. Their past creates a whole other layer to the story. I laughed out loud several times throughout the book and then let out a very satisfied sigh at the end (no lie!). I’m not the only one in love with “The Marriage Bargain” – last week it premiered on the NY Times Bestseller List at #11!

Both are a heat level 3-4 Besos.


...My TiVo will be getting a workout this week thanks to two new interesting shows and one returning favorite.
Yes, I am still a “Glee” fan even though I agree with critics that this season has been struggling. It doesn’t help that it went on hiatus for several weeks. But it comes back Tuesday and I’ll be watching for two main reasons: 1) To find out what happened to poor Quinn after that horrible crash –although I have an idea based on the promos AND 2) To see the duet of “Somebody  I Used to Know” by Blaine (Darren Criss) and special guest star Matt Bomer (cute guy from “White Collar”).
Check out the performance here:

The two new shows I’m excited to watch are “Scandal” and “The Client List.” I’m intrigued by “Scandal” which actually premiered last week (TiVo is holding it for me) because of my PR experience. Whenever a real life scandal or publicity nightmare breaks, I’m always curious about the behind the scenes maneuvering to get in front of the story before it becomes a full blown crisis. And “The Client List” (aired Sunday) is on Lifetime AND stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. It HAS to be good, right?


…Last week, I gave in to the peer pressure and joined Pinterest. I still don’t really understand what the heck I’m doing but I did find a couple of interesting things on there – including an idea to color Easter eggs with Kool Aid! It was a hit with the kids and probably something we’ll do next year too.
The other idea I found useful is creating a “board” of images to inspire me as I work on my main manuscript. Besides photos of pan dulce and tamales, I “pinned” hairstyle and clothing ideas for my four main characters. I admit it was kind of exciting to see parts of them kind of come to life. If you are interested in getting a glimpse into my new novel (“Novel Inspiration”)or need the recipe for those Kool Aid eggs ( “My Favorite Things”), here’s the link for my Pinterest profile:

Have a great week!

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