Friday, April 20, 2012

My Friday Fiction - A Deal with the Devil: Chapter Two

This week was a good one in terms of writing. Although my daily word counts on my WIP aren't as high as I would like for them to be, at least I'm working on it.
Then I thought and thought about a possible story for today but none of my ideas "felt" right. So I started looking at my stories from the past few weeks and A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL stood out. When I wrote it last month, I didn't think then that I would continue the story. I thought it was over. But I guess I was wrong. (You can read Chapter One by scrolling down to my post on March 23.)

So I hope you enjoy the next chapter. There may or may not be a next one. We'll see what Andres and Juliana tell me...

P.S. - Much thanks to Val for the word suggestions which I've highlighted and bolded. It was a challenge to say the least, but I think they really worked with this particular story.

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