Friday, March 2, 2012

My Friday Fiction - "The Watcher"

“Jennifer Richards is dead.”

Rodney hated being so blunt, but he needed them to listen to him. There were gasps and then everyone started talking at once. He could hear the panic escalating in his neighbors’ voices and he knew it was time for him to take charge.

“Listen!” he boomed. The room grew quiet. “Don called earlier to let me know he decided to take her off the life support. He wanted me to thank everyone for the flowers and homemade casseroles.”

A hand went up. It was Henry Carter. Rodney motioned for him to stand.

“What are the police saying Rodney? Do they have any leads?”

“No, but it is an active investigation.” After 20 years on the job, Rodney knew he’d be kept in the loop in the Jennifer Richards strangling. “In the meantime, folks, we need to get our own task force together. I have some ideas. That’s why I called this Neighborhood Watch emergency meeting. Let’s get to work.”

Later on as he walked the last of his neighbors out of his home, Rodney felt a sense of pride. Only a few short months ago, most of them didn’t even know each other’s names. Now they were actually being real neighbors and looking out for one another. And it was all because of him.

“Time to patrol,” Rodney announced to no one. He slipped on his leather gloves, grabbed a nylon rope from his tool box and pulled a black ski mask over his head.

THE END - 250 words

**This work of fiction is owned and copyrighted by the author**