Friday, March 16, 2012

My Friday Fiction - In the Naked Light

This week was the perfect example of why I started writing My Friday Fiction.

I needed a push to write weekly since I'm kind of in limbo with one manuscript (still no word on whether it's been accepted or rejected) and I'm struggling a little with my WIP (just can't focus on finishing up the "middle" of the story).

My Friday Fiction is a way for me to keep writing, keep thinking about stories and keep my creative brain working. So I began a story back on Monday, finished it on Tuesday and realized it was way too long to be considered Flash Fiction (under 1,000 words). But I didn't want to cut it. It was almost as if the characters were telling me themselves that their story deserved more. Crazy, huh?

So I realized that what was supposed to be today's Flash Fiction piece is now going to be my next book pitch. I'll work on expanding it over the next few weeks and hopefully successfully pitch it after that.

The story below is what I came up with over two days. I had the scene in my head for awhile though and knew that I wanted to write it eventually. The circumstances just called for me to write it now rather than later.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks again to those who suggested the words which I've bolded and underlined in the copy.

I love receiving comments and feedback, so feel free to post those AND some new words for next week!

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