Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holding out for a real hero

Recently, Entangled Publishing held a fun contest called "Hero Wars' where authors described their male heroes and people voted on which one they liked best.

That got me thinking. What kinds of heroes are in my books? What qualities have I given to them -- consciously or subconsciously?

The adage "Write What You Know" could be twisted slightly here to "Write What You Like/Love".

I realized that while my "heroes" may have different features -- dark hair, brown hair, blue eyes, gray eyes, tall, average -- they all have qualities that can be found in "regular" real life heroes:

- Kindness
- A sense of humor
- Loyalty
- Empathy
- Passion
- Love

So I'll pass on the "sun-drenched locks" or "abs of steel" -- thank you very much. Instead, I'd much rather write about and live with the guy who has a heart of gold and an uncanny ability to make me laugh every single day.

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